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What does my license allow others to do with my E-Publications?
This license allows everyone to use my CLIL eBook and to edit it. However, if they are going to add or edit the information they must share their work under the same conditions. I would be proud if people use mine but they must respect and value my idea. Moreover, my license does not allow commercial uses.

What are good ways to motivate our students to use Creative Commons material and attribute properly?
Sharing resources should be something that all teachers do, because good ideas must be spreaded out. But, as a consequence, this requires a commitment with the people that are sharing their work. We must be respectful with other people’s contributions and teach our students that everything that has been posted on the internet belongs to someone. This means that in order to recognize that person’s effort, we should mention the source.
A way that can encourage our students to develop an empathetic attitude about others' work would be considering the appropriate mention of the sources in the students’ projects as one of the assessment criteria.

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