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Hello everyone!

This page is intended for sharing other projects in which I've been involved during this academic year.


It is an international collaborative intervention carried out by teachers and students from all over the world. It began just as a collaborative poetry project but the idea took off and an iBook was developed. 

Here it is the link to download and buy the interactive book:

This year, I'was involved in creating the sequel:

Go to the link to download it!

I participated in this project by sharing one of my favourite dreams:

By designing the cover for the #TWIMA2 e-publication:

And by animating Holly's dream using Powtoon as a digital resource:

I chose Holly's dream to create the animation because it talks about the perseverance and the courage that is necessary to pursue our dreams and it touched me deeply when I read it.

Hope you enjoyed it!

The digital resources necessary for carrying out this task were Powtoon, an innovative app to create visual presentations that allows you to use your own material such as images or music. And also, I used Online Photo Editor to turn the .JPG images and drawings in .PNG images (transparent background).

Finally, I would like to share with you the link to the shared doc that compiles the dreams of my peers from the Master's Degree to allow you to have a look at others' work:

Thank you very much!


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