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On the 7th of May we attended to the live session entitled "The Challenge of Digital Crafting on Moodle". It consisted in a series of short live conferences carried out by the professor @mjgsm and the students from the ICTs module. This means that me and my peers had the opportunity to share our progress with people from all over the world.

Despite some problems with the audio, almost all of us have been able to share our learning outcomes during two minutes. My peers have showed their amazing eBooks and their contribution in other projects in which we have being involved this academic year. The enthusiasm and the positive feedback that the audience were providing us during the speech have been great.

Being online sharing the project I'm proud of, has left me with a rewarding feeling which confirms that I don't want to stop my evolution in ICTs management.

Have a look at our collaborative presentation.

Thank you very much for this opportunity!


On the 21st of March we attended to the Spring Blog Festival 2015 at WizlQ. It consisted in a series of live conferences performed by speakers from all over the world. During thirteen hours nonstop, the #ictclil_urjc students were able to connect and learn from a wide variety of experiences and a huge amount of different topics.

One of those interesting conferences that we attended to was Karen Blumberg "Our blogs, ourselves". She analyzed several social networks and gave us useful advices to keep a professional looking presence online.

Have a look at my reflections about her conference by going into the following link:

SBF 2015, Karen Blumberg

If you want to watch the full conferences, they are available at Youtube:

SBF playlist by Nellie Deutsch

Thank you very much,


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