Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Collaborative flyer that supports learners

Hello dear readers,

Today I would like to share with you the flyer I created to support my students’ learning. It was a project carried out collaboratively with @MaríaJLLopis and our topics of interest are storytelling and arts, both reflected on this visual flyer:

The first thing that attracts our attention to a book is the cover. It must have a clear and bright title, sometimes supported by a subtitle that gives extra information about the topic. Also, the background and the pictures have to match the text and show some basic aspects from the content in a visual and appealing way.

Children have to learn these necessary strategies while creating their stories. They need to know the basics to invent stories but also how to make them more engaging for their readers.

Therefore, this example shows how a book cover should be and what are the essential aspects that they must take into account while carrying out this task. It should be developed during the sessions intended for Arts and Crafts in a cross-curricular way. Designing a cover requires the ability to think creatively and involves many fundamental artistic processes. Also, arts connected to digital resources are becoming increasingly popular.

The resources used to create the cover have been Sketches for iPad (premium version 5$) to create the background and the island, Pixton to design the characters of both painters; and Canva to create the flyer (poster format) and to add the text.

Hope you enjoyed it!


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