Friday, 24 April 2015

Collaborative video challenge

Hello everybody!

Today I want to present a collaborative video challenge that integrates four different topics: Storytelling, healthy life, the planets, and the lives of two of the most famous Spanish painters. This means that I worked collaboratively with three CLIL teachers: @estefaniablanch, @Nora_LomasG and @MaríaJLLopis

An unusual mix that could only end up in an unbelievable science fiction story that will captivate the audience:

Pedro Picasso is a teenager who lives in year 5302. Life is very different since Humans had to leave the Earth to find another habitable planet due to the excessive exploitation of natural resources. Currently, people live in Electron, a beautiful planet in a distant galaxy. As other teenagers, Pedro is very insecure and he is worried about not finding that thing he is good at that would allow him to stand out among everyone else. That's something that worries you when you are the great great great grandson of an artist as well known as Pablo Picasso.
He's having problems at school and at home because of his disorganization but, by dreaming, he will find out the solution with a little help from two famous characters.

The tool that we used to create the storyboard was Pixton, and amazing digital resource to create comics. I hardly recommend you to go directly to the advanced mode. Probably, you are going to mess it up several times but there are several features that are only available if you are an "advanced comic designer".

When all the scenes were created, we used Kizoa as the tool to combine the different slides and to attach the music. The process ended up in this dynamic video:

To know more about this video, check the description posted on Youtube!

And, just in case you would like to have a look at my peers' work, here you have their educational blogs:

Hope you enjoy it!


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