Sunday, 12 April 2015

Creating an infoEDUgraphic

Hello dear readers,

Today I would like to share with you a resource to create visual and engaging ePublications: The infographic.

Infographics are representations that mix information and pictures of an specific topic. We can use them to present certain facts in an attractive way, that allow people to get the information without a ton of heavy reading.

I joined the collaborative project of infoEDUgrafías that is intended for teachers and students in all the Education Stages. You can find a wide variety of activities linked to all the areas of knowledge. Therefore, I became a participant in the project and I decided to use the information of my CLIL eBook outline to create a visual infoEDUgraphic that engages sixth graders:

View at Canva

To know more about the tools I used and the steps I followed to carry out this project, read the post on InfoEDUgrafías' blog

An infoEDUgraphic is not just an attractive way of presenting facts, it develops visual thinking and information processing cognitive skills. As a participant in the project and as an infoEDUgrapher, I encourage you to use this resource with your students!

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