Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Designing my digital eBook

Hello everybody!

The first step to design an interactive ePublication is to define some basic aspects that will determine the rest of our eBook features.

At the beginning, we should think what is it going to be about. I chose the topic storytelling because it doesn't limit me to just one curricular subject so, despite I finally decided to carry out this project linked to Literacy, I could have developed it linked to any other area of content.
Also, this topic allows me to create cross-curricular links to any other subjects by designing characters, settings and plots that match the content that I want to highlight from other areas.

Then, our next step is to decide whom is this project intended for. I want to work with this eBook in 6º Grade because, according to our curriculum, it is the grade where we can go more deeply to the characteristics of the narrative genre and the features of the storytelling process.
Also, 6º graders are students whose technological knowledge is considerable. At this age, they are already familiarized with most of the tools that we are going to use in this project.

The next aspects of the eBook are determined by these previous ones and I created a shared document on Google to establish them:


I hope you find it useful!


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